World’s First Robot Sophia Said Shah Rukh Khan Is Her Favourite Actor. This Is What SRK Replied

There is no denying the way that Shah Rukh Khan is a standout amongst the most well known performing artists not simply in India but rather all over the world. His fame is the consequence of his diligent work, assurance and devotion and best of all, he is as yet an exceptionally humble individual.

In any case, you will be astonished, as it were, to realize that King Khan isn’t only most loved of people however of robots too.

Sophia is the principal ever Artificial Intelligence-controlled humanoid of the world. Created by Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics, she is the primary robot to get the status of subject of a nation. She was in Hyderabad and partook in the World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT).


Well, SRK is undisputedly the King of Romance and it seems that even robots are soaked in his love.

SRK also expressed his love for Sophia and tweeted, “Public declaration of love for a ‘lady’ who has come to my country, India. U Simulate me, every bit and byte of u, Sophia.”