Woman Cries & Seeks Help Against Husband From Police In Video. Mumbai Police Responds

Numerous ladies need to confront the brunt of conjugal mishandle. Some keep up hush over it, while some are sufficiently intense to transparently talk about it. At times, ladies go under family strain to not articulate a word against assault or manhandle.

Be that as it may, Amita Kaur, a Mumbaikar, isn’t among the ones who will sit discreetly. She shared her agonizing story through a video and it was in fact frustrating. In the video, she discusses how she is rationally tormented by her better half Gupreet Singh.

This video of hers was shared by Ashoke Pandit, a producer and from that point forward, she has been accepting a ton of help. Amita is truly sobbing for help. Her better half even debilitated to execute her and he’s not in any case giving them essential things required as a profession.

Amita says that she has documented a police objection in the wake of being shocked on the bed, yet they haven’t been reacting to it. She says,

“Recently, I was electrocuted on the bed which I sleep and the record was recorded by Khar police station. In spite of doing an FIR, there’s no action being taken place.”

She even accuses Gurpreet Singh of having an extra-marital affair and being involved in betting and gambling. Here’s the video which he shared.


Amita threatened that if she doesn’t get the necessary support or justice, she will end up her life.

Seeing the video, Mumbai Police immediately responded and said,

They said, “DCP Zone 9 is looking into the matter.”

Hope they take the necessary action and save her from abuse. It’s sick to see how some women are being treated in our society. This abuse should STOP once and for all.