WATCH: Bengaluru Engineer Girl Committed Suicide. Video Shows How Her Classmates Bullied Her

Only a couple of days back a 18-year-old young lady named Meghana Chandrashekar conferred suicide by hanging herself at her Bengaluru home. The occurrence was a major stun for individuals.

Her mom had affirmed that the young lady who was a Civil Engineering understudy was bothered in her school.

Presently only a couple of days after the occurrence, a video has turned into a web sensation in which the young lady is seen being bugged at Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering. The video indicates three young ladies engaged with a verbal spat. Before long it gets extreme and a young lady slaps Meghana.

Meghana’s mom, Lata Chandrashekar, has faulted four schoolmates and the course organizer for being the reason for her girl’s suicide. Her dad said that Meghana was discouraged in light of the nonstop provocation by a school teacher and her schoolmates.

Meghana’s mom disclosed :

“In November, there were a few issues with Meghana and her colleagues. My significant other had gone to the school and met HOD Rajkumar to advise him about the issue. Somebody in the school had lost a cell phone and my girl was being rebuked for it. Meghana had not taken the portable but rather the whole class pointed the finger at her. After that occurrence, my little girl was hindered from the WhatsApp gathering of the class in which notes were shared. When she approached her schoolmates for the notes, they would cannot. They use to send messages in the gathering saying she was an awful young lady. She was annoyed each day.”

A police official has been cited as saying by Times Of India –

“We have been going by the school since Wednesday and the organizer, an educator, has not been coming. His cell phone is turned off and his home is bolted. The four understudies who have been named in the FIR too are not going to classes, and their cell phones are turned off. Since they are understudies, we didn’t visit their homes.”