VIDEO: MS Dhoni Abuses Manish Pandey & Says “Bsdk Idhar Dekh Le, Udhar Kya Dekh Raha Hai?”

Stump mics are simply wonderful! Actually, they add to the excitement remainder of the diversion. Frequently, we have heard cricketers examining plans and procedures of their amusement.

We were shocked with Virat Kohli had manhandled on the mike and said “BC, G**nd phatt jayegi”. Some trolled him, while some lauded him for being an intense Delhi da Munda. From that point onward, we had heard Dhoni tending to Virat as “Cheeku” on the mic.

Today, amid the second T-20 Match at Centurion, South Africa, Dhoni was heard mishandling Manish Pandey. Theirs was a fifth wicket organization; the team had scored 98 runs. At the point when the score was 171/4, we got the chance to hear the most astonishing word from Dhoni.

He revealed to Manish Pandey, “Oyee.. Bho*dike Idhar dekh lae (Bole they na idhar dekhne), udhar kya dekh raha hai.. Principle Idhar khada hu na Batting Kar Raha.”(Look here, why are you looking there… I am remaining at batting end)

Amid first conveyance of twentieth over, ball was hit at leg side by Manish Pandey and in the wake of finishing a solitary, Manish Pandey was looking towards the defender as opposed to taking a gander at MS Dhoni. So this is when MS Dhoni needed to utilize this gaali.

Here’s the video;

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