Twitter User Asked Sehwag, “How Many ODI Centuries Will Virat Hit?”. This Is How Much He Predicted

Individuals are simply not ready to quit discussing Virat’s century in ODI. All things considered, he crushed his 35th Century in the sixth ODI against South Africa and everybody appreciated watching it. Right now, Kohli has 21 100s in Test matches and 35 100s in ODIs.

Indeed, even Cricket biggies have praised him for this extraordinary accomplishment. Forecasts are likewise being made about the run machine.

Recently, Sehwag facilitated a #AskViru session on Twitter and he too anticipated the quantity of ODI hundreds of years Virat will hit.

Truly, Sehwag anticipated that Kohli will hit an incredible 62 centuries and we can’t resist the urge to love his answer. Some additionally say that Kohli will break Sachin Tendulkar’s record of 49 ODI hundreds of years.

Sehwag’s Reply

Virender Sehwag has constantly appreciated skipper Kohli. He continues tweeting with respect to how Kohli is impeccably driving from the front and how he is an extraordinary player.

In a current meeting, Sehwag stated,

“Kohli is the No.1 commander as far as arrangement wins. In the event that we break down the previous eight arrangement wins under his captaincy, we’ll see that he is outstanding amongst other commanders we have ever observed. Having said that, I trust that we ought not contrast him and the best of past commanders. He needs additional time and experience as commander to achieve where the past captains are”

Expectation Sehwag’s forecasts worked out. What say folks?