I Traveled 1000kms To Meet My Gf Only To Find She Was Losing Virginity To Another Man

I am a normal looking man and belong to a white collar/middle class family. There’s not a lot uncommon about me with the exception of my unadulterated heart but there are a few people in this world who probably don’t merit genuine romance and demonstrate no regard towards genuine emotions. For them, cash and common delights are more imperative than affection. Here I am will share one such episode that occurred with me over 10 years prior but its awful recollections still conscious me in evenings.

I was seeking after B. Tech and around then, Orkut was very new to Indians yet youth thought that it was extremely captivating. I likewise made a record but since I used to give much time to thinks about and had a bashful nature, I didn’t have numerous companions. One night, I signed into my record and saw a companion ask for from my cohort Ruhi. She was appealing and I had for the longest time been itching to converse with her. This was a brilliant open door for me so I in a flash acknowledged her demand.


From the following day onwards, we began visiting and continuously our discussions expanded from normal “Howdy.. Hi..” and concentrates to individual interests.

We created resemblance for each other but I never thought of proposing to her until one day she herself proposed to me. I declined because my family had numerous desires from me and I would not like to sit idle by connecting with myself in an affection relationship. A bright future was sitting tight for me and every moment was valuable.

Notwithstanding, she said that she had seen her future with me and there could be no better accomplice for her. So, she investigated every possibility to convince me and I additionally couldn’t avoid her sweet proposition any longer. We used to talk for a considerable length of time and my family likewise became more acquainted with about her. At first they objected but I persuaded them. In any case, my dread ended up being valid and gradually I diverted from thinks about. Then again, she was prior normal in thinks about but later on, she had better outcome than that of mine.

A long time passed and after school, she landed position in an IT firm while I was utilized in an alternate organization. Presently she was in an alternate city and her pay was more than mine. Despite the fact that we were in touch, the correspondence was not as loving and fascinating as it used to be. I felt an adjustment in her behavior and endeavored to talk about it but she changed the theme, saying that she was worn out and needed to rest and that it was only my misconception.

I believed her but something was not alright; something continued pricking me from inside; I imagined that separation may have made this problem so I made up psyche of giving her an amazement by contacting her place without educating ahead of time but much to my dismay that this visit would give me the stun of a lifetime.

I was in Bhubaneswar and she was in Hyderabad. I made careful arrangements and set out 1000Kms just to meet her. I called her subsequent to achieving Hyderabad and as opposed to being enjoyably astonished, she was stunned to catch wind of my entry. She requested that me not go to her office as she was busy in a gathering. Well that was totally fine but her cruel tone influenced me to feel that something was fishy. I went to an inn and subsequent to getting new, had some tea. Despite the fact that I was eager, I couldn’t eat thinking how discourteously she conversed with me.

She called me and requested to meet tomorrow in an eatery. I wore yellow shirt and combined it with black pants because yellow was her most loved shading. How might I miss her most loved fragrance and the bracelet that she skilled me… .

I was there before time and following 15 minutes or somewhere in the vicinity, she likewise came. Ruhi looked exquisite in red best and blue denim skirt. She had been much prettier and more blazing than at any other time and I was getting bewitched with her appeal. I got up from my seat and pulled the seat for her as it’s tallied in great behavior and young ladies dependably love to be dealt with along these lines. We talked a little and requested sustenance.

In the interim, she went to washroom but left her telephone on table by botch. To clear something up, I began checking her messages. I realize that it’s not viewed as a decent way to check anybody’s close to home messages but she was my better half and I felt ideal on her. I didn’t have any wrong goal but the minute I picked the telephone, a message originated from some Chetan.

When I saw the message, my blood solidified as he discussed suggest minutes he and Ruhi appreciated yesterday in an inn room and the amount he adored the way that she was a virgin before meeting him. This implies she was losing her virginity to the man when I called her to meet.

Presently I could get the brutal tone she had because I disturbed them. To straighten something up, I began checking her SMS and her inbox was brimming with modest grimy sex chats with Chetan while her display was loaded with obscene pictures of them both

I could never again endure it and when I doubted her about this all when she came, she made a scene. I had tears in my eyes but she had no lament. She neither apologized nor clarified and straightly broke up with me. I couldn’t control myself and began crying. She didn’t remain there for me and left the eatery in outrage as though I perpetrated a wrongdoing and she’s the casualty.

I came back with a substantial heart and told my family that she had proceeded onward in her life. Presently I am hitched and blessed with two children; by the by, that eatery scene still sends chills down my spine.