SRK Posted A Tweet After Sridevi’s Funeral And People Are Asking Him To DO THIS!!

Sridevi’s sudden and less than ideal demise left everybody stunned. Entire industry and fans were greatly tragic about the news and couldn’t go to the terms for quite a while. It was extremely difficult to trust that a fit and lovely diva like Sridevi could bite the dust so soon.

Her radiant face still continues coming before our eyes.

Sridevi finished her keep going voyage on 28th Feb and entire industry was available to say goodbye to her. Shah Rukh Khan was one such hotshot who was about the occasion. He went by Anil Kapoor’s home to share the sadness of family, went to the sympathy meet and burial service too.

Recently night, SRK posted a tweet in which he shared his sentiments about the puzzle and endowments of life in some secretive and complex words. The tweet had a profound significance and it was about how the life should be delighted in light of the fact that it’s so eccentric.


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