Rahul Gandhi calls GST half-baked reform, Implementation a “Tamasha”

On the eve of the launch of the Goods and Services Tax (GST), hailed as a revolutionary tax regime by the government, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi today said the tax reform has the potential but is being implemented in “a half-baked way with a self-promotional spectacle”.

In a series of Twitter posts with hashtag #GSTTamasha, Rahul said, “A reform that holds great potential is being rushed through in a half-baked way with a self-promotional spectacle #GSTTamasha.”

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi tore into the Centre on Friday saying the Good and Services Tax (GST) “is being executed by an incompetent and insensitive government”. Unlike demonetisation, Rahul said, GST is a reform that the Congress has championed and backed from the beginning. However, “like demonetisation”, the GST rollout is being done “without foresight”, he said.


The Congress leader’s reaction on Twitter comes a day after his party, along with the DMK and the Left, decided to skip the midnight launch of GST in Parliament. Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress had earlier said they would give the event a miss. Congress leader Anand Sharma said the GST was conceptualised by the Congress and the BJP stalled it for seven years. “We repeatedly cautioned the government that it is not ‘one-nation one-tax’, neither is it a perfect bill,” Sharma said.

The Congress is boycotting the event on grounds that a taxation reform could not be equated to midnight celebrations of Indian Independence the Central Hall has seen on August 15, 1947, and later, on 50 years of freedom in 1972 followed by the celebration of the Golden jubilee of Independence in 1997.