No New Episode Of Family Time With Kapil Sharma This Weekend. What’s Wrong With Him?

There is no denying the way that entertainer Kapil Sharma is extraordinary compared to other humorists of the nation however by and by, he is in the focal point of contentions and it feels awful to see the way in which he is acting

His new show Family Time With Kapil Sharma has neglected to reproduce the achievement of his past shows and this end of the week, gatherings of people should watch the reruns of The Kapil Sharma Show as new scenes of Family Time With Kapil Sharma haven’t been shot.

A man from the channel told HT,

“Yes there are no fresh episodes of Family Time with Kapil Sharma this weekend.”

Considering whatever has occurred in recent days, we don’t think that its stunning

We saw him manhandling media after he made a tweet in help of Salman Khan. He utilized foul dialect and when his supporters requesting that he put a control on his dialect, he began mishandling them too. Later on, the tweets were erased and it was said that the record was hacked yet then Kapil acknowledged that it was just he who made those tweets.

He likewise documented a police objection against the manager of Spotboye Vicky Lalwani and his Preeti and Neeti Simoes. He claimed that they needed to blackmail Rs. 25 lakhs from him however when he won’t, they began a crusade to slander him on advanced media.

According to Spotboye, Kapil called Vicky on Friday night and conversed with him in an extremely foul way, getting his little girl and mother between and utilizing revolting dialect for them. Vicky Lalwani recorded the discussion that he had with Kapil Sharma and a unidentified man and transferred it on YouTube.

This is the thing that Lalwani said in a meeting to ANI,

“Apparently he was upset about some stories against him. I was only doing my work. He called me, used abusive language and also said offensive things about my daughter. He handled his success very well but couldn’t handle his drop.”

Wouldn’t you say that Kapil Sharma should concentrate more on his work than on making discussions on the off chance that he needs to recover the status that he had before?