News Channel Run The Fake Story Of Sridevi’s Rebirth. Got Trolled Badly On Twitter

Sridevi passed away and left this mortal world always on 24th Feb 2018. Her sudden downfall left everybody dismal. While it was a period of despondency for her fans and family, some TV channels were occupied with fulfilling their voracity of TRPs.

There were a damnation parcel of monstrous stories running out on TV to pick up the consideration of gathering of people and an account of Sridevi’s resurrection was one among them.

A video clasp of a child young lady was being played on TV on circle and it was being hypothesized that she’s a resurrection of Sridevi.

Watch the video underneath

We answered to you before how it was a phony story and the video being referred to was 8 months old.

While columnists and news channels turned out to be exceedingly uncaring, Twitterati taken them back to the ground. The story and news channel called “Tez TV” which ran it was profoundly reprimanded on the microblogging website. Observe a few responses

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