Meet China’s “Miss Bum Bum”, Who Has The Country’s Most Beautiful Backside

When we are more youthful, we may fantasize about being a rockstar or a scientist or perhaps a space traveler. It presumably doesn’t enter anybody’s thoughts to wind up “Miss Bum Bum”.

In any case, 20-year-old Gao Qian from Shanghai City was simply named China’s “Miss Bum Bum” in the wake of winning a challenge proclaiming that she had the finest derriere in the entire nation. Gao now alludes to herself as the “Asia Ass Queen” and the “China Ass Champion”.

Her delightful butt has picked up her more than two million web-based social networking supporters on Weibo and Instagram, and she has possessed the capacity to alter her profession and whole life due to her rear.

Gao began her own particular wellness studio in Shenyang where she fills in as a wellness mentor to prepare other people who need to accomplish a butt as stunning as hers. She frequently live-streams exercise recordings to many her fans on the web and they are justified regardless of the watch!

With her newly discovered acclaim and fortune, Gao has purchased “a home by the ocean” and the “auto she had always wanted”. Who knew a decent bum could be so lucrative?

To keep up her cash creator, Gao has a strict exercise schedule that can here and there last up to six hours on end. She completes many squats, leg raises, and presses to keep her butt looking great. It’s no big surprise Gao is a wellness coach considering how much time she spends in the rec center.


The Miss Bum Bum challenge in China depended on a comparative rivalry from Brazil. As of now, 28-year-old Rosie Oliveira holds Brazil’s “Miss Bum Bum” title. The champs of that opposition have likewise increased much acclaim and VIP status.

“I take after Brazilian media and read about the Miss Bum Bum,” Gao said to MailOnline. “It’s been my fantasy to go to the competition one day.”

While winning the Miss Bum rivalry doesn’t precisely solid like something your folks would wish for you, evidently Gao’s family was installed from the earliest starting point and couldn’t be more joyful for her.

“My dad gave me much encouragement after I signed the competition. My family likewise believe it’s an extremely positive activity,” she uncovered.

I don’t think about you, however I don’t figure my dad would be excessively pleased on the off chance that I quit my business to seek after turning into my nation’s “Miss Bum Bum”.

That being stated, my sweetheart would likely appreciate it…

So what do you think? Would you exchange everything in for the inheritance of having your nation’s best bum? Considering how well it’s turned out for Gao, I figure I would!