KRK Has Offered 5 Lakhs To Each Follower! After Hearing His Condition, Everyone Trolled Him!

KRK has a habit of creating havoc and trending on Twitter. Whether he does it intentionally or is it just his nature. Who knows? But this time he did something totally funny,

KRK asked his followers on the social networking site, Twitter to follow him until 31st of May, 2017 and for that he will pay each of his follower 5 Lakh Rupees (roughly 7756 US Dollars).

Obviously, no one believed him and the tweets started rolling in. We’ve curated some of the funniest tweets from Twitter.

KRK’s Tweet

KRK’s original tweet. Asking people to follow him and he’ll pay 5 Lakh INR to each of his follower.

And The Trolls Started Rolling In


This man is ready to pay 1 Rupee to everyone who unfollows KRK on Twitter


This person is paying KRK 15 Lakh INR to delete his twitter account


AnupunPKher tweets


True that. Who knows if KRK is calling 50 Paisa as 5 Lakhs



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