She Fought With Family & Left Everything To Marry Him. Got Death In Return

On Monday, the dead body of a young lady was recouped by cops from a field in Begusarai, Bihar. The lady who has been recognized as Priyanka Kumari was slaughtered and covered in the field. There are signs that police has demonstrated imprudence on their part or else she may have been spared.

Two months back, Priyanka had documented a grievance against her significant other and in-laws in Mufassil police headquarters. Regardless of the protest, her murder demonstrates that peace is unquestionably an issue of worry around there.

Aside from influencing an interest in Mufassil to police headquarters, Priyanka additionally asked for assistance from Women commission, DIG and SP however it appears that none of them truly considered her important. Presently she has been killed and the uncertainty of her murder is on her significant other Kunal and in-laws.

The episode occurred in Edhu town, Begusarai, and police has informed that on Feb 3, Priyanka met the SP of Begusarai to grumble about her significant other and in-laws. According to cops, Priyanka wrote in her objection that she and Kunal adored each other and got hitched against the desires of their families. The relatives of Kunal declined to keep her in their home as they were not content with this marriage.

As per the report, Priyanka and Kunal got hitched in August 2017 out of a sanctuary in Ranchi and till December 2017, Priyanka remained with her significant other. Be that as it may, abruptly Kunal left her and began debilitating her.

At that point Priyanka came to realize that Kunal was getting hitched again so she recorded a dissension in Mufassil station against her better half and in-laws and blamed them for undermining her to slaughter her, endowment and lewd behavior. The second marriage of Kunal was ceased by the police after Priyanka recorded the grumbling.

According to police, Priyanka was a solid and intense lady and in the wake of recording a case on her better half, she was remaining with neither her in-laws nor her folks.

The group of Priyanka has not blamed anybody for executing their little girl till now yet for police, Kunal and his family are prime blamed on the reason for the grievance documented by the perished.

An examination has been begun and we trust that the guilty party will soon be behind the bar.