Durex Trolled Facebook In Its Latest Ad. People Are Loving The Creativity

Facebook’s enormous information leak has stunned users. Indeed, even administrators, financial specialists and officials are thinking that its difficult to trust that something like this happened.

In any case, Facebook said that it had already cautioned about the ruptures years prior. It is said that examination firm Cambridge Analytica bought this touchy data from a brain research test application. Information of around 87 million users was leaked.

Numerous users had downloaded the application, after which their profiles and rundown of Facebook companions was uncovered.

In the midst of this, Durex attacked Facebook in its new ad. As we as a whole know, Durex’s innovative group is too great with regards to online networking ads.

This time, they focused on Facebook’s information leak issue and thought of something extremely imaginative. They said that with Durex, there are no leaks! Did you get the significance? I am certain you did…

Here’s the ad;


Individuals thought of entertaining responses on this ad. You have to look at a few;





So guys, how did you find the ad? Wasn’t it very creative? Let us know your thoughts.