This Designer Slammed Indian Women Who Can’t Wear Saree. Twitter Taught Him A Perfect Lesson

Sabyasachi is a standout amongst the most well known mold architects of the present circumstances and be it Deepika’s ethnic outfits or Anushka’s wedding dresses, he has hypnotised every one of us with his stunning work. Truth be told when Deepika was asked as to which planner’s dress she would wear in her wedding, she named Sabyasachi. Individuals are going gaga over his feeling of mold and style and he has dependably satisfied our desires.

The pro planner is by and by in news however this time, it’s for every single wrong reason. On Saturday, he pummeled Indian ladies, particularly more youthful age, who don’t know how to wrap a saree and incline toward western garments.

This is what he said at Harvard India Conference,

“I think, if you tell me that you do not know how to wear a saree, I would say shame on you. It’s a part of your culture, (you) need stand up for it.”

He influenced this comment while communicating his perspectives over troubles ladies to experience while wearing a saree. According to him, saree is the world’s most astounding outfit and people from all sides of the planet cherish it.

Despite the fact that crowd cheered him for this remark, Twitter didn’t concur with the architect and clients gave it back to him in the most epic way.

Look at some chosen tweets: