Celebrities Tweet Angrily At News Channels For Sensationalising Sridevi’s Death To Increase TRP

The entire country is grieving the demise of incredible veteran performing artist Sridevi yet it’s to a great degree despicable that some news stations are utilizing this awful episode as a chance to expand their TRPs.

Such directs have no disgrace in sensationalizing the news and their revealing went so low that #NewskiMaut began inclining on Twitter. Under this hashtag, individuals including a few famous people were communicating their anguish over the way in which the passing of Sridevi is being accounted for and how unfeelingly the things are being examined.

Then again, the Indian envoy to UAE Navdeep Suri has likewise asked for media houses to demonstrate some limitation while covering the news.

Tweets by Bollywood Celebs against Media Channels












In a few tweets, he wrote,

“The media enthusiasm for inopportune destruction of #Sridevi is justifiable. Be that as it may, the craze of hypothesis does not help. Pixie to take note of that:

1. We are working with neighborhood specialists to guarantee that mortal remains can be sent to India at the most punctual. We are at work.

2. We are in standard contact with the group of #Sridevi and other well-wishers. We share their agony.

3. Our involvement in comparative cases discloses to us that it takes 2-3 days to finish forms

4. We abandon it to the specialists to decide reason for downfall

We should be capable”