WATCH: Landlord Asks For S*x Instead Of Rent. Leaked Video Shows What Happened.

Truly, this man from Cardiff, Wales completed a shoddy thing by asking sexual favors, however fortunately, he was found through a sting activity.

The character of this proprietor remains covered up, yet his demonstrations are turning into a web sensation via web-based networking media. He posted a promotion on Craigslist and specified this messy offer.

Some observe s*x as a diversion and they are prepared to do any sort of filthy arrangements for the same.

In any case, media has turned out to be so capable nowadays that such sick people are uncovered in a matter of moments. The present occurrence is about a landowner why should prepared trade off on the lease in return of sex, would you be able to try and trust it?

“If say for example we were going to go down the route of once a week, if we were going to do that then I wouldn’t be interested in any rent for you at all”.

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This is when Sian Thomas, a correspondent, chose to go about as an inhabitant and approach him for the offer. She met him in an eatery and recorded the entire discussion.

The landowner disclosed to her that he’s prepared to give up off £650 in return of sexual courses of action. She got some information about the offer, on which he stated,

WATCH: After G**Nd Phatt Jayegi, Dhoni’s Voice Caught On Stump Mic. He Calls Kohli “Cheeku”

India delighted in a splendid triumph over South Africa in the ODI and we have to give a series of commendation to Kohli for crushing a power-stuffed century.

India vanquished South Africa by 6 wickets and filled our hearts with love. At the point when Dhoni and Kohli are as one, clearly the contrary group will be caught in their procedures. Indian group, particularly Dhoni and Kohli, design the diversion so well that different cricketers are left confounded about their procedures.

Be that as it may, the stump mic discovers each and everything; how might we overlook Kohli’s remarks of “G**nd Phatt Jayegi” and “BC”.

Somebody shared a video of the same on Twitter and not just that, he additionally added subtitles to improve the clearness. Here you go…

Here’s The Video

What People Are Saying






Amid the India V/S South Africa ODI as well, the stump mic seized some best remarks originating from Dhoni, Kohli and different players. Dhoni was heard calling Kohli “Cheeku” and Kuldeep Yadav as “Kulee”.

Not just this, they were additionally talking about how the men dressed in green won’t comprehend their playing methodologies.

Girl Danced In Front Of Boyfriend’s Home On Raja Hindustani’s Song As He Allegedly Ditched Her

Love can influence you to go insane and a man can cross points of confinement of irregularity in the event that he/she gets discarded in affection.

Well on account of online networking, we get the chance to see nearly everything that is occurring in this world and at times, we witness such episodes which we may have seen just in motion pictures or serials.

A video is becoming a web sensation on the Internet in which a young lady is moving in the wake of getting alcoholic and that too out and about before her beau’s home who has dumped her.

She is moving on Raja Hindustani’s well known track “Tere Ishq Me Nachenge”.


According to a report in, the video has been transferred by a client named Sandeep Sehwag and he has composed the inscription,  “a drunk girl was dancing in front of her boyfriend’s house in Helmandi, in Pataudi, Gurugram. She was dancing on DJ on the famous song from the film Raja Hindustani, because her boyfriend ditched her”.

We don’t make any claim related to the authenticity of the news as fake and false content also get posted on the Internet nowadays but we are sure that you will also find the girl’s acts strange.

The video which was originally shared on Facebook seems to have been deleted; however, you can watch it on YouTube. Here it is:


Hina Khan’s Best Interview After BB 11. She Answers The Most Controversial Questions

Thrashing is difficult to acknowledge, particularly in the event that you are fixated fans who are profoundly put resources into the win of your most loved star. On the off chance that the stage that we are discussing is Bigg Boss, the cases and counter-claims are a lot more shriller.

As Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain popularity performing artist Shilpa Shinde won the truth indicate Bigg Boss 11 Sunday night and TV star Hina Khan wound up as the main sprinter up for the season, Twitter was a battle region. While Shilpa’s fans were upbeat, Hina’s fans were at that point searching for paranoid notions.

She had likewise stood out as truly newsworthy for “Leasing garments”; as we as a whole know, Hina had got bunches of fashioner garments with her and none got rehashed. An architect had additionally blamed Hina’s beautician for obtaining garments from different originators.

In an elite meeting with TV Times, Hina has given astonishing reactions to some most sultry inquiries. At the point when columnist got some information about leasing garments, Hina said that she had left this activity to her beautician. The performing artist said that her beautician had “Sourced” garments and not “Leased” or “Obtained” them. Truth be told, Hina says that both, herself and additionally the creator, were content with this procedure and that third individual had no privilege to remark on this.


Hina had smoothly acknowledged Shilpa’s triumph and said each candidate is a victor as they battled inside the house for survival.

VIDEO: US Families Book Entire Theatre. Dance To Ghoomar Dressed As Padmavati

As Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmaavat keeps on decision box workplaces over the globe, the rage for the film is just developing. A family in San Francisco Bay Area allegedly reserved a whole theater and watched the film wearing Padmavati-like clothing.

You will be astounded to realize that “Ghoomar” has been such an extraordinary hit with the Indians living abroad, particularly America, that families from San Francisco Bay Area booked a total show in a theater. Every one of the women were dressed as Padmavati and they all moved together on the track in the film lobby.

San Francisco Bay Area families bought a whole show of the movie theater

San Francisco Bay Area families bought a whole show of the movie theater (in Sunnyvale, California) to see Padmaavat and there was a dress code – “Everyone should dress like Padmavati.” And before the show there was this dancing ??

The film stars Deepika Padukone as Rani Padmini, Shahid Kapoor as Rajput ruler Maharawal Ratan Singh and Ranveer Singh as intruder Alauddin Khilji. The motion picture depends on the thirteenth century lyric by Malik Muhammad Jayasi, Padmavat.

Prior the Indian-American team promoters performed on a similar tune amid a NBA coordinate and passing by the group’s response, it can without much of a stretch be said that they simply adored it.

This Audition of Disha Patani Will Make You Die For Her

We all know how beautiful Bollywood actress Disha Patani is and most of us are big fan of her. We all have seen her in many hit Bollywood movies and she is becoming queen of many youth’s heart. Do you know the struggle life of Disha Patani? Yes she struggled so much in her life to reach the destination she is standing on today. Here is a clip which will show you how Disha gave her first interview at the age of just 19. This video will make you think how confident this young girl was and how she stole hearts of millions. Share with your friends and tell them that her favourite actress is queen in real life to.


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2 Brave Girls Taught A Big Lesson To These Molesters! Watch Video

Girl slapping the guy on road

It was around 11pm when two girls from Indore were headed home from a mall in the Vijay Nagar area and two bikers started following them.

What happened next is a lesson for all of us especially girls to be bold in situations like this. Watch the video on the next page to watch how these girls taught a lesson to these men.


I Bet You Never Saw Such A Amazing Entry of a Bride! STUNNING!!

We all love Indian Marriage and the grand function they arrange for it but how many of you have been into a marriage where the entry of bride is so amazing like in this video? Yes, this bride did something that most of us scared to do in our own or our friend’s marriage. Happiness can be boosted if you enjoy whatever is going through your life, no matter if you’re going through hard or good times. This video is the pure example of how we all should live the moment and should never ever forget to do something special that gonna make memories for the life.

Will Make You Day.

Lets not talk more about this video because we know that everyone is excited to watch it. The way girl performs dance on her own marriage won hearts of many and will surely steal your heart too. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and tell them about this amazing performance.

Here is the video

Magician Make Everyone Laugh By Calling a Random Girl on Stage

We all love magic tricks from our childhood and we love how magicians perform those tricks in front of us. Magic tricks and magicians have some special space in our heart because we all love to get amazed. Here we are sharing a video from stage show of Wes Barker who calls a women on stage and she joins him but what follows next will surely entertain you and will make you laugh with it. Share this with your friends and family and show them why we all should not become a target of magicians.

When the woman joins Wes Barker on stage she already had a feeling that she is gonna see something strange today and her feeling made her day. You will be surprised to se what she was carrying in her bag and how this magician reacted to all of those thing. Let’s not talk more about it and lets just watch the video so the suspense remains closed. Don’t forget to share it with your friends.