Full Names of 7 Bollywood Stars Who Hid Their Surnames

While the most the Bollywood business is running a result of surnames for generations,for case: The Kapoors or The Deols and so on., a couple of the Bollywood famous people don’t convey their surnames, for instance: Rekha, Sridevi, Helen, Govinda, and so on., are known by just their first names.

Yet, do you know the full names of these on-screen characters? All things considered, here we present to you an entire rundown of your most loved Bollywood big names who are well known just with their first names. Look at it:

1. Rajnikanth:

His fans have given him so many names but the Thalaiva, the superstar of Indian cinema, the Rajnikanth’s full name is Shivaji Rao Gaikwad.

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8 Popular Actresses Who Revealed Their Casting Couch Horrors

Throwing lounge chair is one of the ugliest substances of the excitement business which generally appears to be exceptionally swanky and awe inspiring. Not simply Bollywood but rather the Indian media business too has not stayed untouched by this social insidiousness of the showbiz business.

Over and over famous people have turned out to discuss it and feature its essence in the business. A great deal of famous people have even cried casualties of the throwing sofa. While some have abstained from discussing it out in the open, others have been colorful to convey it to take note.

Numerous performing artists have voiced their experiences with distorted executives or makers who have requested physical favors from them. Today we present to you the count of 10 famous on-screen characters who claim to have terrible experiences with such chiefs or makers. These performing artists have transparently conceded that physical favors were looked for from them by their movie producers.

1. Kalki Koechlin

She has dependably been known for her capricious daringness and we adore her for that. Kalki conceded that she has been looked with throwing sofa a great deal commonly yet she got away it inevitably.

2. Surveen Chawla

The performing artist too uncovered once that in her initial days in the motion picture industry of the South she was requested physical favors. Surveen has now made a stamp in the Bollywood.

3. Payal Rohatgi

Dibakar Banerjee was straightforwardly blamed by Payal Rohatgi for throwing sofa. She likewise uncovered that Dibakar had requested that her expel her best amid the tryouts of Shanghai. Dibakar Banerjee, in any case, denied every one of the claims flung at him by Payal Rohatgi.

4. Shilpa Shinde

She revealed that she left the famous show ‘Bhabhi Ji Ghar Pe Hai’ as she was inappropriately touched by her producer.

5. Tisca Chopra

Tisca too admitted that she had been approached by a filmmaker for the casting couch.

6. Kangana Ranaut

She has dependably been brave in raising her voice against bad behaviors. She is nervy and fears nobody. Kangana uncovered that she was requested physical supports in relatively every tryout. She, in any case, had confidence in her ability and denied any such offers.

7. Paridhi Sharma

The TV actress who featured in Jodha Akbar went on to allege the director, Santram Verma for abusing her physically.

8. Mamta Banerjee

Clearly, Mamta was requested physical supports by the executive, Rajkumar Santoshi. After she declined to broaden physical favors her part in the film China Gate was trimmed.

Anushka Taught A Lesson To Newspaper That Published A Fake Interview With Anushka

The flawless Bollywood performing artist Anushka Sharma and Indian captain Virat Kohli got hitched on December 11, 2017, in a private service with the nearness of relatives and couple of companions. In this way, two thousand gatherings in Delhi and Mumbai were composed by the love bird couple after they came back from their special first night.

Preceding their wedding, Virat and Anushka never opened up about their relationship; notwithstanding, they showed up and media constantly made endeavors to know when the couple would tie. In any case, they didn’t unveil any insights in regards to their relationship and even subsequent to getting hitched, the couple constantly kept up a separation with media in the event that they at any point endeavored to peep into their own lives.

Nonetheless, as of late a Bengali newspaper distributed a meeting with the “Pari” performer in which she’s cited as saying that the pic in which she’s seen embracing Virat was unconstrained and not an arranged one.

Anushka took to Twitter and pummeled the Bengali newspaper in cruel words. She shared the screen captures from the daily paper and kept in touch with, “It is SHOCKING to see a totally manufactured meeting of mine in a presumed production like @Ei_Samay. This is to clear up that I have NEVER completed a meeting on my own existence with them or with any other person. Just shows how recklessly your own flexibility is taken a gander at by them.”


As Anushka’s tweet proposes, she has never given a meeting to the daily paper and the bit of article distributed by them is absolutely manufactured.

Twitter likewise pummeled the day by day for this disgraceful demonstration.

Look at some chosen tweets:






8 Without Make-Up Pictures Of Bollywood’s Best Playback Singers Will Shock You

Have you at any point felt miserable taking a gander at the ideal photos of your most loved Bollywood celebs? Ever thought about how the superstars we take after dependably figure out how to look so great? Try not to stress, we as a whole have been there and we comprehend the vibe also. There must be in any event in excess of one occasion when you would have been awestruck by the style of Bollywood and its performing artists.

Be that as it may, Let us disclose to you a mystery, these big names are people as well. These famous people without their huge groups specialists and experts of make-up and hairdos and photoshop, these big names resemble a normal young lady, similar to us.

Nowadays, artists are giving intense rivalry to Bollywood performing artists. They have begun following the strides of Bollywood performers. From outfits to their dazzling looks, these artists are no not as much as any of the on-screen characters.

Here, we bring you some bared face, without make-up pictures of you favorite singers. Have a look:

1. Neeti Mohan:

Neeti Mohan won her first Filmfare grant for her melody “Jiya Re..” from the motion picture “Hit Tak Hai Jaan… “. Neeti was likewise a piece of MTV unplugged. Neeti Mohan no lone has an extremely resonant voice but at the same time is exceptionally wonderful. Here, is her without make-up picture:

2.Monali Thakur:

Monali received a National Award for singing “Moh Moh Ke Dhaage..”. What an amazing song it was. She has got many such songs on her list. Here’s her without make-up picture:

3. Kanika Kapoor:

Kanika Kapoor has without a doubt a staggering voice however she is dazzling with regards to her magnificence. She has shaken the tunes like “child doll… ” and “chittiyaan kalaaiyaan..” . Kanika kapoor has likewise won numerous honors and thankfulness for her melodies. This is what she looks like without make-up:

4. Neha Kakkar:

Neha Kakkar needs no introduction. She is loved by the youngsters and kids for her top party hits. Those curly hair and dimples never fails to melt our hearts. Here’s how she looks without make-up:

5. Neha Bhasin:

She is the Youtube star and the voice behind “Jag Ghumeyaa..” and “Dil Diyaan Gallan..” , female versions of both the songs. Popular for her Indie Pop and Punjabi folk songs, this singer is into modelling as well. This is how she looks without make-up:

6. Shirley Setia:

The cutest rising star. Shirley is a very famous Youtuber. She has got a melodious voice and a very adorable face. She looks equally beautiful without make-up.

Here’s How Much Priya Prakash Earns From One Instagram Post

The young lady who softened the hearts of each ‘sakht launda’ in our nation and that too with only a wink, Priya Prakash Varrier, turned into a web sensation after a short cutting from her first melody from her introduction film got viral.

Priya Prakash Varrier turned into a VIP in a solitary night. She made another record by turning into the main Indian VIP to win a huge number of adherents in a solitary day. She has deserted numerous superstars in the supporters check, including the facebook organizer Mark Zuckerberg.

She influenced everybody to run insane with her adorable looks and entrancing articulations, one video at any given moment. Her photos and recordings never neglects to become famous online on the web-based social networking. Her expanding notoriety and fame has made her the most moved toward Malayalam superstar for top brands and organizations. She is a procuring an astounding immense sum.

A main site uncovered that the Internet sensation is winning an astounding measure of Rs.8 Lakh for each limited time posts on Instagram where she is as of now took after by 5.1 million devotees.


The 19-year-old is without a doubt winning more than numerous famous people today as far as advancement and the most unexpected certainty is her presentation motion picture is still yet to discharge.

We truly ponder where her fairly estimated worth will stand when her presentation film will discharge.

Web unquestionably is an insane thing.We never knew somebody can turn into a big name as a result of a ‘wink’, now you know the energy of web and the energy of a ‘wink’.

Offer your considerations with us in the remarks beneath.

News Channel Run The Fake Story Of Sridevi’s Rebirth. Got Trolled Badly On Twitter

Sridevi passed away and left this mortal world always on 24th Feb 2018. Her sudden downfall left everybody dismal. While it was a period of despondency for her fans and family, some TV channels were occupied with fulfilling their voracity of TRPs.

There were a damnation parcel of monstrous stories running out on TV to pick up the consideration of gathering of people and an account of Sridevi’s resurrection was one among them.

A video clasp of a child young lady was being played on TV on circle and it was being hypothesized that she’s a resurrection of Sridevi.

Watch the video underneath

We answered to you before how it was a phony story and the video being referred to was 8 months old.

While columnists and news channels turned out to be exceedingly uncaring, Twitterati taken them back to the ground. The story and news channel called “Tez TV” which ran it was profoundly reprimanded on the microblogging website. Observe a few responses

Tweets by users









Priya Prakash’s New Video Is Once Again Melting “Sakta Laundas”

Priya Prakash Varrier, the young lady who turned into a big name in a solitary night. The web sensation who earned the fame in a solitary night and just with a wink.

Priya Prakash Varrier won a huge number of heart with her wink. Individuals began calling her ‘appearance ruler’ and ‘National Crush’, individuals experienced passionate feelings for her lovely face and her exotic demeanors. Her photos and recordings had assumed control over the web. The web was loaded with her excellent pictures and recordings. She softened the hearts of each ‘sakht launda’.

To begin with she stood out as truly newsworthy through the little cutting from the trailer from her up and coming motion picture, Oru Adaar Love then the trailer of the motion picture was uncovered in which she can be seen giving a flying kiss in her own particular arousing way.

She turned out to be so much hit, that she made another history by turning into the primary Indian superstar to increase a large number of famous people in a solitary day, she abandoned numerous mainstream and huge big names with the supporter checks.

Celebrated Holi like never before ????❤? @omar_lulu_ @roshan_abdul_rahoof

A post shared by priya prakash varrier (@priya.p.varrier) on

Priya Prakash Varrier has been sharing numerous photos of herself on her online networking stage. Every single video of Priya Prakash Varrier gives such huge numbers of purposes behind her fans to go gaga for her. Be it her singing or her demeanors or her looks, she has made each person experienced passionate feelings for her.

These Pictures Of Neha Kakkar With Her “Boyfriend” Are Going Viral. No. 5 Is The Cutest

We individuals cherish tattling about our most loved superstars, concur or not but rather every little thing identified with them makes us inquisitive. We need to know each and everything identified with them, be it the most recent telephone in their grasp or the accomplice close by, we need to know everything.

Connection ups and separations are a regular story in the Bollywood world. Ordinary another tattles begins about who is dating whom, and 90% of times the tattles are valid.

Neha Kakkar, the voice behind each hit party number of Bollywood nowadays. She has influenced us to move like insane with her gathering melodies, has made our eyes wet with her pitiful tunes and has influenced us to feel love with her sentimental tunes.

Neha Kakkar is actually on the tallness of her vocation, she is administering the Bollywood music industry by giving consistently hit melodies and on the hearts of young men too with her charming dimples.

You will be stunned to realize that Neha Kakkar is dating an outstanding performer. Truly an on-screen character, and we as a whole know him for his sweet grin and chocolate kid picture. He stole our hearts with his demeanors in the motion picture, Yaariyan.

Indeed, we are discussing none other than Himansh Kohli.

Himansh Kohli has a gigantic female fan following, regularly his photos via web-based networking media are overflowed with the remarks from his fans.

In spite of the fact that, the supposed couple, Himansh Kohli and Neha Kakkar have’nt acknowledged their adoration straightforwardly and are in effect very cryptic about their relationship however their photos recounts an alternate story. Observe a portion of the photos of the couple:








SRK Posted A Tweet After Sridevi’s Funeral And People Are Asking Him To DO THIS!!

Sridevi’s sudden and less than ideal demise left everybody stunned. Entire industry and fans were greatly tragic about the news and couldn’t go to the terms for quite a while. It was extremely difficult to trust that a fit and lovely diva like Sridevi could bite the dust so soon.

Her radiant face still continues coming before our eyes.

Sridevi finished her keep going voyage on 28th Feb and entire industry was available to say goodbye to her. Shah Rukh Khan was one such hotshot who was about the occasion. He went by Anil Kapoor’s home to share the sadness of family, went to the sympathy meet and burial service too.

Recently night, SRK posted a tweet in which he shared his sentiments about the puzzle and endowments of life in some secretive and complex words. The tweet had a profound significance and it was about how the life should be delighted in light of the fact that it’s so eccentric.


Tweets by SRK’s Fans






Bruna Abdullah Goes Topless In Her New Sultry Photoshoot, Posts Picture On Instagram

When big names used to entice us indirectly from films and magazines, yet now they welcome us ideal from their bed, their private planes, and into their lavatories, surrendering us a nearby take a gander at their quite fantastic lives.

One late expansion is this developing pattern is none other than performer Bruna Abdullah.

My #tbt today!! 4 Years a go when I was still in my 20’s lol !!!

A post shared by Bruna Abdullah (@brunaabdullah) on

The Mastizaade on-screen character as of late uncovered her sultry picture from her most recent photoshoot. She has now raised the nakedness bar through her most recent picture. Bruna has posted her topless picture where she could be seen uncovering a great deal of skin. Yet, before that, let us investigate some of her Instagram pictures.

What’s more, now that one of its kind picture we are discussing. Look at beneath!

Bruna subtitled the photograph, “Feeling Empowered through the viewpoint of the one and the main”. The photograph has been caught by understood picture taker Rahul Jhangiani. After the photo hit her Instagram account, it had quickly circulated around the web. Individuals have been remarking on the photo.