Durex Trolled Facebook In Its Latest Ad. People Are Loving The Creativity

Facebook’s enormous information leak has stunned users. Indeed, even administrators, financial specialists and officials are thinking that its difficult to trust that something like this happened.

In any case, Facebook said that it had already cautioned about the ruptures years prior. It is said that examination firm Cambridge Analytica bought this touchy data from a brain research test application. Information of around 87 million users was leaked.

Numerous users had downloaded the application, after which their profiles and rundown of Facebook companions was uncovered.

In the midst of this, Durex attacked Facebook in its new ad. As we as a whole know, Durex’s innovative group is too great with regards to online networking ads.

This time, they focused on Facebook’s information leak issue and thought of something extremely imaginative. They said that with Durex, there are no leaks! Did you get the significance? I am certain you did…

Here’s the ad;

Individuals thought of entertaining responses on this ad. You have to look at a few;





So guys, how did you find the ad? Wasn’t it very creative? Let us know your thoughts.


Dhoni Shows His Shooting Skills On Twitter. Fans Say He’s An All-Rounder

Indian cricket batsman, wicket-keeper and previous captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is an all-rounder and that is known by everybody. As of late, Mahi displayed one more aptitude of him and it cleared out his fans stunned.

In the midst of the training for his up coming IPL coordinate, Dhoni discovered some time and working on shooting. He likewise got the video recorded and shared on Twitter for his fans.

MS Dhoni took to Twitter and composed this caption alongside the video-

“Shooting gun is much more fun than shooting ads”

Watch the video:-

His fans cherished the new expertise of their most loved cricketer and this is the manner by which they responded










Now that’s quite a treat for fans. Isn’t it? MS Dhoni just gave his fans one more reason to feel proud of him. This man is indeed something else and is getting better day by day. What are your thoughts on it?


Asifa’s Brutal Rape And Murder Is A Wake-Up Call, If We Don’t Act Now, Let’s Declare India’s Humanity Dead!

Let me tell a story. Quite a long time ago, some place oblivious forest, between the tall bladder-dark colored trees that won’t let the light touch the ground, a kid cried and cried as noisily as possible. She kept running for her life, wailed, attempted to escape from the beast pursuing her. Her minor feet and somber voice eventually surrendered. She was grabbed from behind, her mouth was mightily closed and her body quit reacting in stun. Her arms were curved, she had lethal injuries and after that, she was seized. She was quieted. She was raped, more than once. She was murdered. She was tossed between the shrubberies. She was only eight-year-old. She was a tyke. She was a Muslim.

India is where a rape happens similarly as frequently as a government official makes a ludicrous, sexist comment about the ladies in this nation, which coincidentally, may occur right now.

The web is humming with the news of Asifa Bano, getting raped and murdered in Rasana town close Kathua in Jammu and Kashmir. Presently, at whatever point a rape happens anyplace in this nation, the moment response of the natives is shock, tension, stun, retribution and well, to pay sympathies to the casualty who experienced the egregious crime and couldn’t survive.

Unfortunately, that is not by any means the only thing that is going on in this specific case.

Is India The Country That Supports Rapist and Murderers?

I will place it in straightforward words here, without turning it any further. Asifa had a place with a Muslim clan, Bakherwal, who used to live in Rasana town close Kathua, which is a Hindu-commanded town. As indicated by her father, Muhammad Yusuf Pujwala her rape and murder was significantly arranged and executed with the sole reason to oust the inborn group from the town. She was seized and covered up in a supplication corridor, where, she was raped and calmed numerous circumstances. Police have captured eight men, including a resigned government official, four cops and an adolescent who were altogether engaged with this rape and murder case. Police likewise said that she was executed in a Hindu temple and that the sanctuary’s overseer, Sanji Ram plotted her passing as an approach to torment the Bakherwals.

The miserable thing here is that there are activists who are presently dissenting the capture of the denounced, guaranteeing that the reports may have been mutilated, considering the authorities required to examine the case are Muslims as well.

“They are against our religion,” Bimla Devi, a dissident, told the New York Times. She said that if the blamed men weren’t liberated, “we will burn ourselves.” Asifa was murdered inside a temple, where Hindus go to their Gods and now, there are walks by Hindus alongside two BJP clergymen where individuals are indiscriminately, mind-numbingly supporting the blamed and shouting mottos for “Jai Shri Ram.”

The Game Of Hypocrisy

Would you be able to trust that it’s a similar nation that went wild after Nirbhaya’s rape case in 2012? Another case surfacing is the Unnao gangrape where a lady in Uttar Pradesh charged BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar and his accessory of pack assaulting her. When she took a stab at endeavoring suicide outside Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s home, her dad was arrested and was purportedly beaten. He later surrendered to wounds. Both these occurrences are shocking and are crime against mankind more than whatever else.

India seems, by all accounts, to be a nation of posers and our spirits appear to have passed on. Asifa’s rape and murder case is likewise a murder of our inner voice, on the whole. Because this young lady was a Muslim, the Hindu activists who are supporting the denounced appear to have overlooked that she was an individual as well. For hell’s sake, she was a child who likely didn’t comprehend what a rape implies, what a murder implies. Her purity was exploited and thus, she capitulated her final gasp. You and I can’t start to comprehend the battles she more likely than not experienced.


Priya Prakash Had A Wardrobe Malfunction In IPL? See Pics

Priya Prakash Varrier is one of the not very many actresses who got stardom and status of a big name overnight. Her one wink from her introduction film “Oru Adaar Love” made a tempest on the Internet and online networking and she turned into a star. Her executioner articulations liquefied even ‘sakht launde’ and she wound up national crush with sudden followers of devotees on her Instagram account.

It won’t not be right to state that media and Internet now dependably watch out for her each action and each bit of news identified with her gets viral in a matter of seconds.

Priya has regularly said that her most loved cricketer is MS Dhoni and she adores to see his matches. We as a whole realize that IPL fever is on and individuals are going insane for this greatest cricket party. Fans are super energized for their most loved players and as we realize that India is a cricket insane country, ordinary citizens as well as celebrities can be seen cheering for their most loved teams in the stadium.

As of late, a few pics of Priya likewise circulated around the web and it was said that the photographs are from IPL 2018 in which Priya was supporting Chennai Super Kings drove by MS Dhoni and had a wardrobe malfunction, when she was cheering for CSK.

Above all else, see the pics:



In the pics, you can plainly observe Chennai Super Kings composed on Priya’s yellow T-shirt.

In any case, you will be stunned to realize that these pics are not in the slightest degree genuine however photoshopped and this is only an underhanded move to criticize the actress.

On the off chance that you visit her Instagram page, you will get the opportunity to see comparative photographs yet with a little distinction.

Check out:





The top is yellow in colour yet it has been photoshopped in a way that it seems, by all accounts, to be Chennai Super Kings’ T-shirt.

Similarly, the photograph which proposes that she suffered a closet malfunction is additionally not genuine but rather photoshopped.

What do you need to say in regards to this filthy trick of photoshoppers? Tell us.


6 Famous Indian Actresses Who Stepped Into The Dark World Of Prostitution

The Indian film industry has a dim side underneath all the allure and spotlight. Not once but rather ordinarily, champions and trying actresses have been discovered caught in sex rackets! Give us a chance to investigate this rundown.

Shweta Basu Prasad

Shweta has stayed popular as a kid artist. Her part in “Kahaani Ghar Kii” gave her colossal popularity. She has worked in numerous films in the South, in any case, she was blamed for being in a sex racket. The Makdi-distinction actress was captured from an hotel in Hyderabad in the year 2014.

Mishti Mukherjee

On January 9, 2014, yet another prominent sex racket was busted when the police assaulted IAS O. P. Gupta’s habitation. Clearly, Bollywood actress Mishti Mukherjee was running this racket. She was captured in a frightful position amid the attack.

Aish Ansari

Another South Indian actress Aish Ansari, who likewise showed up in films like “Chalte” and “Om Shanti Om”, was discovered undermining in the act. In November 2013 she was captured from an hotel in Jodhpur alongside three other ladies.


Tamil actress Bhuwaneshwari’s name got dragged into a sex racket without precedent for 2009. She was blamed for running a racket in her own particular condo. She has been captured a few times for this.

Sherlyn Chopra

Famous Bollywood actress Sherlyn Chopra took to Twitter and posted that she was once associated with prostitution. However, some say it was an exposure stunt.


Kinnera, a well known Telugu actress, was blamed for being a sex intermediary

These actresses are just a couple of them. The showbiz business is loaded with such examples and characters. For brisk cash and survival, over and over, actresses have ventured into the dull universe of prostitution.


Disha Trolled Heavily For Posting This Pic On Instagram. Followers Posted Many Vulgar Comments

Disha Patani is a standout amongst the most adored Bollywood actresses. She was in truth proclaimed the country squash after her Bollywood debut with MS Dhoni biopic. Her adorableness turned into all the rage and individuals just couldn’t resist looking at her photographs over and over.

With her second movie Baaghi 2, Disha Patani touched new levels of stardom and is currently while in transit to be Top female stars of Bollywood.

Disha Patani has such huge numbers of lovers yet like other Bollywood stars, even she is the casualty of online networking trolling. The actress who loves to be agreeable and isn’t body bashful as of late posted a pic on Instagram. In the pic, Disha Patani was found in a white bikini. Observe

View this post on Instagram

Missing the 🌊

A post shared by disha patani (paatni) (@dishapatani) on

You can also check the pic below:-

While the photo pulled in numerous positive remarks, it likewise pulled in enormous cynicism, trolling and disgusting remarks. Observe a few-












15 Boyfriend’s Secrets That Won’t Come Out Until Asked

Well “Boyfriend’s secrets”, the title is itself sufficiently captivating. For every one of the couples out there, connections are an absolute necessity, isn’t that so? They frequently request one straightforward thing – straightforwardness, for remaining glad or fulfilled in a relationship. All things considered, from the passionate steadiness picked up to all the disaster area made by contentions, one experiences numerous good and bad times when in a relationship. You don’t want quite a bit of it, however one joins another.

We have assembled a rundown of some boyfriend’s privileged insights which you would want to know about him. We should start!

1. The greatest of boyfriend’s mysteries: morning wood

It is a direct result of the s3xual dreams that they long for amid the daytime. In any case, it doesn’t make a difference whatever reason might be behind your boyfriend’s boner toward the beginning of the day; they’ll never enlighten you regarding it.

2. Fear of losing you

At last, he’ll not request that you live with him and still, the possibility of you abandoning him sends shudders down his spine. In this way, men will never enlighten ladies concerning their feelings of trepidation, uncertainties, and conditions.

3. Emotional dependability

They have zero, no joking yet never believe that they’ll say a ‘yes’ to it if inquired. They generally look for passionate help from you, doesn’t make a difference how independent they put on a show to be.

4. Wallets and Mobile telephones

He won’t state anything yet he’ll never like you experiencing his wallet or cell phone.

5. Cuddle throughout the day

S3x was somewhat done to satisfy you, in the event that you ask his inner self (since he’ll not let you know) at that point after all the activity, he would need to spend whatever is left of night and additionally day with you in his arms and nothing else on the planet.

6. Responsibilities

He is uncertain of the reality whether he’ll have the capacity to help both of you financially. Yet, you never constrained him to hold up under every one of the costs, at that point why? All things considered, that is the thing that he considers and never lets you know. This is a standout amongst the most well-known boyfriend’s insider facts.

7. Exes

He has been seeing someone, and he’d rather like you not to unearth her name or face to face by any stretch of the imagination. He needs his past to stay past and not influence his present with you. Think about thinking around one of these boyfriend’s privileged insights.

8. Unfortunate propensities

He never will oppose smoking pot with you, despite what might be expected, he’ll additionally never step up with regards to raise the point first.

9. Adult content

Men have a propensity for gathering adult content. Regardless of whether that be as clasps or movies, there’s no uncertainty about it, yet they’ll never acknowledge it before you.

10. Insecurities

Essentially, they likewise have a feeling of inadequacy with regards to their physical make-up or execution in bed. Furthermore, they’re continually considering whether you are pulled in to him or fulfilled.

11. Falsehoods told in past

Men are no holy people, then again, they too have an extensive rundown of bad behaviors. Falsehoods have been a major piece of their lives which ladies will have no idea about it unless they enlist an spy to keep an eye on their men

12. S3xual dreams in bed

Ladies have a higher s3xual encourage than men, still, never feel that they don’t have their own pre-mentalities. In spite of the fact that they’ll never express all that they need to do to you in bed.

13. Looking at different young ladies

This abandons saying, it’s human propensity and poor young men can’t make a move. In this way, abstain from asking them “Were you looking at her?” since they’ll never answer you for that

14. Reliance on you

Take pride ladies, he maybe gets the check at a favor eatery or pulls the entryway for you at the same time, he is reliant on you and would have a craving for remaining in a dead zone in case you’re not remaining close to him.

15. Feelings of resentment

He will endeavor to be quiet when with you, it doesn’t mean you’ve been given a free pass, this frequently appears as feelings of spite, so simply wish that they don’t detonate on you sometime in the not so distant future.


Meet China’s “Miss Bum Bum”, Who Has The Country’s Most Beautiful Backside

When we are more youthful, we may fantasize about being a rockstar or a scientist or perhaps a space traveler. It presumably doesn’t enter anybody’s thoughts to wind up “Miss Bum Bum”.

In any case, 20-year-old Gao Qian from Shanghai City was simply named China’s “Miss Bum Bum” in the wake of winning a challenge proclaiming that she had the finest derriere in the entire nation. Gao now alludes to herself as the “Asia Ass Queen” and the “China Ass Champion”.

Her delightful butt has picked up her more than two million web-based social networking supporters on Weibo and Instagram, and she has possessed the capacity to alter her profession and whole life due to her rear.

Gao began her own particular wellness studio in Shenyang where she fills in as a wellness mentor to prepare other people who need to accomplish a butt as stunning as hers. She frequently live-streams exercise recordings to many her fans on the web and they are justified regardless of the watch!

With her newly discovered acclaim and fortune, Gao has purchased “a home by the ocean” and the “auto she had always wanted”. Who knew a decent bum could be so lucrative?

To keep up her cash creator, Gao has a strict exercise schedule that can here and there last up to six hours on end. She completes many squats, leg raises, and presses to keep her butt looking great. It’s no big surprise Gao is a wellness coach considering how much time she spends in the rec center.


The Miss Bum Bum challenge in China depended on a comparative rivalry from Brazil. As of now, 28-year-old Rosie Oliveira holds Brazil’s “Miss Bum Bum” title. The champs of that opposition have likewise increased much acclaim and VIP status.

“I take after Brazilian media and read about the Miss Bum Bum,” Gao said to MailOnline. “It’s been my fantasy to go to the competition one day.”

While winning the Miss Bum rivalry doesn’t precisely solid like something your folks would wish for you, evidently Gao’s family was installed from the earliest starting point and couldn’t be more joyful for her.

“My dad gave me much encouragement after I signed the competition. My family likewise believe it’s an extremely positive activity,” she uncovered.

I don’t think about you, however I don’t figure my dad would be excessively pleased on the off chance that I quit my business to seek after turning into my nation’s “Miss Bum Bum”.

That being stated, my sweetheart would likely appreciate it…

So what do you think? Would you exchange everything in for the inheritance of having your nation’s best bum? Considering how well it’s turned out for Gao, I figure I would!


Sonakshi Sinha Gets Badly Trolled As She Posted A Pic Wearing This Sexy Red Gown

Sonakshi Sinha entered in  in 2010 with Blockbuster film Dabangg. Her character was cherished by the group of onlookers and she made a tremendous fan following with her “Mast Mast Nain”.

While Sonakshi Sinha got extraordinary thankfulness for her part, she was likewise condemned for being overweight. Sonakshi took the fitness challenge and astonished the commentators with her new look.

From that point forward she has been killing her fans with her fashionable side.

The actress as of late posted a throwback picture on Instagram in which she is seen wearing a sexy red gown.

You can also check the pic below

The actress looks beguiling in the pics and won a considerable measure of acclaim from her fans.

Be that as it may, there were a few haters who likewise trolled her wearing a noteworthy dress. Observe a portion of the reactions-








what are your thoughts on this?



Telegu Actress Goes Naked To Protest Against “Casting Couch”,Shares Even More Disturbing Details

Me Too campaign, Time’s Up development and considerably more happened internationally where any semblance of prominent Hollywood celebs including Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein were uncovered. A great deal of comparative cases became known in India also.

A considerable measure of Harvey Weinsteins exist in the business as well, said a great deal of celebrities, yet no one named anybody. The influence of cash and status smothered the voices of individuals.

A couple of days back, Telugu actress Sri Reddy took the issues in her grasp, and snatched the whole country’s consideration in her protest against throwing lounge chair. She sat outside the Telegu Film Chamber of Commerce, and stripped her garments to protest against the throwing love seat in Tollywood.

Consequently, Movie Artistes Association (MAA) restricted her and undermined to likewise suspend the individuals who might work with her. Be that as it may, she isn’t anxious. She is prepared to fend it off.

“On what basis will they ban me? They have no right to do so. As a woman, I have the right to protest and to speak my mind. How dare they ban me and threaten other artistes?,” she was quoted as saying by TOI.


likewise uncovered some chilling points of interest of what she has experienced. Studios are utilized as massage parlors, she asserts. A best maker’s child sexually misused her, she said.

“He used to take me to the studio and he used to f**k me. He is the son of a top producer who is ruling the Telugu film industry. He used to force sex (on me). He would ask me to come to the studio and I said I will go only to talk, not for any sexual act. But after going there, he used to force (me to have) sex,” she told India Today.

In the interim, her proprietors have requested that her empty the house she is living in at present, and she is miserable that the “Telangana government has helpfully stayed away from the issue.”

“I’m protesting in the nude? What it will it take for this government to react,” she asks helplessly.