I Am 20 & My Chemistry Teacher Is 34. We Had Sex & Now She’s Blackmailing Me To Marry Her

I’m a 20-yr young man doing B.Sc. In any case, by and by I am not ready to center around my examinations by any means, on account of my supposed association with a 34-yr lady who lives in neighborhood. Indeed, there’s a gigantic age hole amongst us and it won’t not be right to state that I picked B.Sc. simply because of her in spite of the way that I needed to wind up an engineer.

Despite the fact that I was great in considers, my Chemistry was minimal feeble. One day, I went to my neighbor’s home alongside guardians for lunch and there I got the opportunity to meet Sonia. She is a divorced person and the experience of her marriage was terrifying to the point that she would not like to remarry.

She was great by nature and I preferred conversing with her. Amid the communication, I revealed that I was frail in Chemistry and since she is a M.Sc. in Chemistry, she offered to give me educational costs. Thusly, she would likewise be minimal possessed and left the injury that her ex gave her. I was 17 around then and was in the twelfth standard while she was 31.


I used to go to her home for educational costs and we chatted on various things other than examines. I was her exclusive understudy and gradually we came nearer. I regularly used to consider romancing with her and one day when her folks were not in home, I got a brilliant opportunity to transform my fantasy into reality. I don’t know why she couldn’t control herself and we had intercourse. It was my first time purchase by and large, it was a decent affair.

From the following day, we were not just neighbors or teacher-understudy and got near each other. I cleared my board exams with great checks and after that took B.Sc., feeling that Sonia would help me in studies and along these lines, I would likewise have the chance to be nearer to her.

Amid this period, we engaged in sexual relations ordinarily and she even got pregnant once. Be that as it may, she had premature birth and all was alright as previously. It’s been 3 years now and step by step I have lost enthusiasm for her. Despite what might be expected, she’s currently genuine about me and is compelling me to wed her. When I said that I am a minor, she requested to get hitched a year later when I will be 21.

Despite the fact that our relationship is 3 years of age, nobody including our families, companions and neighbors think about it. Also, I don’t have any future or profession starting at now yet she doesn’t care at all. She’s getting crazier about me with each passing day and constraining me for marriage notwithstanding when she likewise realizes that she has no future with me. She has made a video recording of our close minutes and is presently extorting me.

I can’t wed a lady who’s 14 years senior to me and is as of now wedded once. I can’t impart this issue to my folks and companions.

What will my companions say when they will become acquainted with that I’m involved with a lady who’s twofold my age? By what means will my folks respond? What will neighbors and relatives say? Will society acknowledge our marriage? Will our wedded life be typical ever?

I without a doubt committed error by making an association with her however I never cherished her and did everything only for sex. Presently I’m feeling defenseless on the grounds that she has considered our relationship important and is currently possessive about me. In any case she needs to get hitched to me yet she likewise doesn’t have guts to reveal to her folks about us.

I had a ton of fun in name of Chemistry educational cost and there will be numerous young men who might need to carry on with my life however life is getting hellfire now.

How might I wed her? Everybody will ridicule me and will ask whether I had got an old woman just for marriage. I would lose my folks, companions and regard in the public eye. My life will be demolished however I don’t know how to persuade her to abandon me. I’m befuddled how to deal with the circumstance. I could neither rest nor have nourishment appropriately. Truth be told, I feel that I will come up short this year since I’m rationally irritated and can’t focus on examines. It shows up as though I don’t have any future and the conditions are traumatic to the point that occasionally I consider submitting suicide. Would you be able to help?