I Have 2 Girlfriends & Both Love Me Madly. I Am Confused Whom To Choose & How To Say NO To One

Not very many individuals in this narcissistic world are honored with genuine romance. God Cupid must be caring towards me that He favored me with two wonderful young ladies who are frantically and sacrificially infatuated with me.

When I see my companions’ lady friends looking for their favorable position in financial terms and show more warmth when they need to take them for shopping, films or any such pick up, my heart loads with more regard and adoration for both my sweethearts who don’t expect something besides love and dependability from me.

Be that as it may, my terrible.. I can’t give them only one thing they requested. There’s presumably that I cherish them both a considerable measure yet I am not faithful to either. This severe truth frequently influences me to feel regretful and now I consider myself a guilty party when I see their eyes shining with trust.


I am a mechanical designing understudy and my first sweetheart’s name is Ruchika. Her branch is software engineering despite everything I recall the day when I saw her out of the blue. She resembled a blessed messenger in a light pink best and white skirt and my heart bounced with happiness when I became more acquainted with that she’s a far off relative of my companion Rishi. There was something other than what’s expected about her which was throwing an attractive draw and I sensed that I was getting pulled in towards her. We bit by bit progressed toward becoming companions and our fellowship soon transformed into a relationship.

Discussing the other young lady, her name is Aayesha and she lives close to my PG. She’s contemplating B.Com and we moved toward becoming companions when I came here. We used to get to know one another and gradually we achieved a phase where we couldn’t envision a day without each other. She proposed to me and I had no reason not to acknowledge her proposition since I additionally adored her frantically.


I give them two equivalent time and love both similarly. In school, I am Ruchika’s man and she has appropriate on my each breath. We generally eat together and frequently go to appreciate cookout, motion pictures and so forth. In the wake of originating from school, I invest great energy with Aayesha and we eat together. Post supper, we have energetic walk and in the wake of coming back to my room, I visit with both on WhatsApp. You should ponder that in this time of innovation, how is it conceivable that they don’t check my telephone and think about each other. All things considered, I have two telephones and two numbers.

At the outset, I did everything only for the sake of entertainment yet now it’s been two years and I can’t cheat them any longer. Their affection for me is valid and I fear investigating their eyes out of blame of misdirection. I need to settle on both of them however I don’t know whom to pick and how to state NO to the next one in light of the fact that the one whom I will reject may go into dejection and even make the radical stride of suicide.

Ruchika is pretty and a splendid understudy; without a doubt she has a brilliant future and on the off chance that she turns into my partner, she will help me fiscally as well. To put it plainly, we will have a rich way of life as we both will win a decent entirety without a doubt.

Aayesha is a normal understudy with regards to examines and there are less shots that she would loan any monetary help to me yet she has a brilliant heart. She’s a family young lady and I’m certain that she will have the capacity to take the best care of me, my family and my future children.

It’s getting to be noticeably hard to choose one and more I consider it, more I get befuddled. My spirit trembles just with the possibility of losing one however I need to settle on a choice at this point. I am not ready to rest neither have focus on contemplates. In the event that this proceeds for some additional time, I will get frantic. If it’s not too much trouble propose what to do, whom to pick and how to break truth to them. Your important guidance can spare three lives.